Watch: Boy who is scared of dogs has incredible reaction to sweet Labrador

teenage boy sitting on beach with black labrador dog-happy

Dogs are amazing creatures. They can run and fetch, they can play and hide, and, when the time calls for it, they can lay perfectly still and allow a frightened child to come to them.

By Natasha James

Published on the 04/06/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

Misha Brandt is a sweet and loving boy who also happens to be on the Autism spectrum.

He’s always loved to watch dogs play but since early childhood has been too frightened to approach them.

A life-long fear of dogs

As Misha got older, many of his fears faded away as he learned more about the world around him but, alas, his fear of petting a dog grew.

Until he met Basil, a retired service Labrador.

A very good boy

While many Labradors will bounce, play and bound over to those around them when enjoying a good day at the beach, Basil seemed to spot that a different approach was required with Misha.

The video shows a nervous but happy Misha sitting on the same blanket as Basil. With a little encouragement from his Mum, Misha tentatively reaches out to quickly touch the dog.

“I did pet it”

And gentle Basil stays perfectly still. Not raising his head, not wagging his tail and not attempting to give Misha a friendly lick. It’s as if the pooch knows what’s required.

Growing confidence

As the video goes on, Misha grows in confidence, touching the dog for longer and smiling delightedly. Eventually, he edges a little closer and strokes the dog with both hands.

It’s a very sweet watch and reminds you of the courage of children and the intelligence of dogs.

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