Cat comforts his nervous brother and breaks the internet

These cats are brothers and best friends cat-happy
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We all need looking after sometimes. So when this kitty saw his little brother getting scared during a big thunderstorm, he was there to lend a comforting paw.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 11/06/2021, 06:30

Norman and Noah have a very special relationship.

Not only are they cat brothers, but they're also best buddies. 


Best friends for life

Emma Patricia is cat mum to the adorable pair. Speaking to the Dodo, she said:

"They love to be close to one another. Generally, where you find one, the other is close by."

Norman and Noah enjoy games of chase, and their playfighting sessions can get a little rowdy. But when it's time to chill out, the furry fellas like to sit by the window together and watch the world go by.

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And it was during one of these rare moments of kitty downtime that Emma witnessed an adorable moment of brotherly love.

On this particular afternoon, the rain was falling hard. And there were even a few rumbles of thunder in the distance.

An adorable moment

Norman could sense that the big scary noises were scaring his little brother. So Norman extended an arm and wrapped it lovingly around Noah's shoulders.

It's like he was saying "don't worry, little bro. I'm always here to take care of you."

Thankfully, Emma caught the heartwarming moment on camera. 

She shared the pic on Twitter, which now has over 200k likes! So it looks like Noah wasn't the only one touched by his big brother's act adorable act of kindness.