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7 of the cutest kittens you’ll see today (or any day for that matter)

7 of the cutest kittens you’ll see today (or any day for that matter) cat-happy
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We’re not sure of science behind it but kittens have the uncanny ability to make any day great. If you could do with a pick me up then these mini felines are sure to help!

By Natasha James

Published on the 16/08/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

So, you like cats? Brilliant, this post is going to be right up your street. Oh, you’re more of a dog person? Then we have just the kitties to make you think again!

1.    These kittens who are the most effective guard dogs

Well, you’d be more than a bit distracted if you spotted these little guys while you were mid burglary, wouldn’t you? They’d probably be enough to make lawbreakers turn away from a life of crime, in fact…

2.    This kitty who will fall asleep anywhere

They say that cats are high maintenance. This little lady is just as happy in this door handle as she would be on a king-size bed!

3.    This tiny kitten who definitely isn’t too proud for some fuss

That tiny little face. She’s happy just to be where she is but if she can also get some fuss then even better!

4.    This cat who will help you find your boot

We’ve all been there, late to meet a friend and can’t for the life of us find our shoe. We DARE you to not notice any boot that has this little one in it.

5.    This kitten who’s found the perfect spot to cat nap

The thing with doll furniture is, it can also make the perfect spot for napping kittens.

6.    This kitty who’s never seen a sky so blue

This little lady absolutely loves sunshine. And grass. And skies. And you. And her pink collar. Right now, there isn’t much that this little lady doesn’t love!

7.    This cat who’s making the most of the pandemic

Walk down any high street these days and you’ll see a sea of face masks. And, once you’re done with your single-use mask, it’ll make the perfect hammock for this little guy.

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