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WATCH: Hilarious dog “rescues” human from exercise

Woman doing pull ups and dog observing her dog-happy
© monsterrats - Twitter

Most pups would do anything to stop their beloved humans from suffering. But, occasionally they don’t fully understand the difference between a struggle and a choice!

By Natasha James

Published on the 13/08/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Igor the dog is very dedicated to his owner Montse. When she goes for a walk, he goes too. When she watches TV, he’s right there by her side. When she exercises, he…tries to help.

Lockdown fitness enthusiast

Montse loves her dog and she also loves to exercise. As a fitness enthusiast, staying active during lockdown has had its challenges so Montse has taken to working out at home rather than heading to the gym.

Recently, she decided to film herself doing pull-ups from a bar outside her garage to check her form.

As Montse lifts herself, Igor looks concerned.

A worried pup

Seeing her struggle and knowing that he’s the only one around to help, the adorable pup pushes a nearby chair underneath her feet so that she no longer has to use her arms!

Montse told animal website The Dodo,

“The move with the chair was out of nowhere. I had no idea he was gonna push it."

The best of intentions

In Igor’s defense, strenuous exercise probably makes no sense to him and he was definitely doing the right thing at seeing his owner seemingly in trouble.

Good boy Igor, we hope you got lots of treats to say thank you (although it might be a good idea for Montse to leave Igor in the house next time she does her pull up routine)!

Watch the adorable video here: