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Dog owners warned not to kiss their pets amid Coronavirus risk

Owner kissing her dog dog-serious
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You probably don’t give a second thought to kissing your dog. But Dogs Trust, a leading dog charity is warning owners to avoid kissing their pets over a possible coronavirus risk.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 10/08/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Giving your pet a smooch or getting your face covered in their licks may be a perk of having a dog, but the Dogs Trust is advising pet owners to stop kissing their animals to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

No kissing

While there have been no known cases of humans catching coronavirus from their canine companions, it is possible to spread the virus via your dog’s fur, toys, lead, or blankets, according to the charity.

But as more of us are starting to meet up with friends and family, the Dogs Trust is also advising people to avoid contact with other people’s dogs. The charity recommends:

  • Washing hands well with soap and water for 20 seconds after touching your dog or any of their things
  • Don’t kiss your dog and stop them kissing you
  • Don’t stroke other people’s pets
  • Keep your dog away from other people and their dogs
  • Don’t let other people stroke your dog
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive for the virus, limit your contact with your dog as much as possible
  • If you visit friends or relatives who have a dog, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

It might be hard to resist the temptation of planting a kiss on your four-legged baby’s face. But as the charity warns, it could be a vital step in keeping yourself and your family safe.

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