Everyone is stunned when they see how these dogs behave around new born kittens

golden retrievers and husky sniffing new born kittens dog-cat-wow
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Getting along ‘like cats and dogs’ often has a negative connotation. Yet, some animal friendships, much like this one, prove that love knows no boundaries.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 09/08/2020, 19:00

A video published on YouTube just a few months ago showcases just that.

Happy family

Tiny kittens who appear to only be a few days of age are placed on a blanket. Mum is nearby, keeping a close eye on them.

But what makes this video special is that the kittens are also being watched by huge dogs! And Mum could not be more relaxed about it.

Good dogs

There’s no need to wonder why. One look at the video, and you’ll see that the two Golden Retrievers and the Siberian Husky are extremely gentle. They let the kittens nuzzle into their fur and get right up close to their faces. What’s more, they always make sure the kittens are safe, providing a supportive snout when they get too close to the edge of the bed, and a few loving licks to keep them feeling safe and warm.

We know these kittens will grow up to be confident cats – and they’ll definitely never be afraid of dogs! Well done doggies!

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