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Dogs rescued from sweltering car while owners have fun at theme park

two spaniel type dogs in trunk of car dog-angry
© Isle of Wight Police - Facebook

The majority of us dog owners fully understand the danger of leaving pups in cars on hot days. Sadly, two incidents last weekend show there are still owners who ignore the rules.

By Natasha James

Published on the 04/08/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

A sunny weekend

Last weekend was hot and sunny across much of the country. But unfortunately, the pleasant weather had its downsides and led to calls to police after three dogs were left in sweltering cars while their owners had fun in the sun.

Police on the Isle of Wight shared pictures of two very hot English Springer Spaniels being rescued from a car in the car park of the Blackgang Chine theme park. It seems that their owners had left them in the car while they enjoyed the rides at the theme park.

Dog loving passers-by

Thankfully, concerned passers-by alerted the police who were able to rescue the dogs from the car, alert the owners and no doubt speak sternly to them about the dangers of leaving their pups in a car on a hot day.

And, showing just how big a problem this still is, photos also emerged from Hildred Shopping Centre in Lincolnshire of a pup who had been left in a sweltering 4x4 while their owners went shopping.

A real danger

The hot weather can be a nightmare for our canine pals. Heatstroke is a dangerous condition for dogs that is all too common, particularly when dogs are left in cars where leaving the window open isn't enough to control the temperature.

Evidence shows that the temperature outside doesn’t even have to be especially warm and just a few minutes in a car can be enough to cause this fatal condition.


We'd urge all dog owners to avoid leaving their dogs in cars, especially on warmer days.

Find out more about heat stroke in dogs.

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