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Canoeist discovers pup he saved from drowning isn't actually a dog

Coyote puppy on a canoe dog-wow
© Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan - Facebook

After a kind-hearted man makes a desperate bid to save the life of a puppy that was close to drowning, he’s shocked to discover the pup’s true identity.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 04/08/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

The man called Justin was enjoying a rafting adventure down the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers in Canada. But when he suddenly heard a strange squeaking sound, he spotted what looked like a small dog struggling to keep its nose above the water. Concerned it was a puppy that had got lost and fallen into the ice-cold water, Justin tried to reach and grab the animal only to fall into the water himself.

Justin quickly grabbed the puppy and got the pair safely onto the raft. Justin then realised the puppy wasn’t breathing. He quickly began CPR on the little animal. Fortunately, Justin’s life-saving skills worked and the pup began breathing on his own.

Surprise discovery

It was then that Justin realised the pup he had rescued wasn't a dog but a baby coyote!

Justin couldn’t get any phone signal where he was. But he didn’t want to leave the young pup on his own, so decided to take the animal with him for the rest of the trip.

Canoe companions

For 10 days, Justin took good care of his new companion who he’d named YipYip. He made sure YipYip had enough food and let him sleep in his jacket and backpack to keep warm.

When the duo reached dry land, Justin took YipYip to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan. YipYip joined other orphaned coyote pups at the centre who will eventually be released back into the wild once they are strong enough.

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