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Roles exchanged as St. Bernard requires rescue crew after mountain accident

st bernard sitting on stretcher dog-wow
© Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team - Facebook

A St. Bernard dog has had to be saved by a team of mountain rescuers after collapsing atop Scarfell Pike and refusing to budge (despite encouragement from her owners).

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/07/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Most dogs love long walks, and St. Bernards, while not the world’s most energetic breed, do need plenty of walks to stay healthy.

This St. Bernard though had other ideas and, after climbing all the way to the top of Scarfell Pike (the highest peak in England), collapsed on the descent and refused to move after showing signs of pain in her legs.

Owners powerless to help

Unsure what to do and unable to move her, Daisy’s owners called the mountain rescue services who were only too happy to help.

Sixteen volunteers spent almost five hours rescuing the pampered pooch.

An experienced crew

The crew consulted a vet for advice before beginning their ascent and after numerous treats and rearanging the stretcher to make it more appealing to Daisy, she climbed aboard and the crew were able to transport her to safety.

St. Bernard dogs were originally bred to assist with rescue efforts in the Alps in Italy and Switzerland so we imagine Daisy may feel slightly sheepish on behalf of her breed now but after spending years rescuing humans, it might be about time we repaid the favour!

Rest up Daisy girl, you’ll be back to your long walks in no time.

And well done to the rescue team who helped her out!

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