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Entire police force goes gaga about new furry recruits

black german shepherd puppies and police officers dog-happy
© NSW Police Force - Facebook

New South Wales Police force has recruited eight German Shepherd puppies into its dog squad. But as this video shows, these furry crime fighters have got a lot to learn!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 26/07/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

The Australian police force introduced the pups via a Facebook video last week.

Plenty of raw talent, but lots to learn!

And while the pups displayed lots of raw ability and enthusiasm for the job, it looks like their new trainers have got a real job on their hands. In fact, the little furballs are already giving their exhausted handlers the runaround.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Senior Constable Leo Clarke said:

"At the moment they are quite feisty!"

Still, we could think of worse jobs than hanging out with a bunch of excited puppies every day! The fresh recruits- four boys and four girls -  were born just nine weeks ago and will soon begin a rigorous training programme to turn from a (cute) rabble of over-excited puppies into an elite crime-fighting canine unit.

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"They could be trained in tracking violent offenders," said Superintendent McErlain. "They could also be trained to find and locate children and missing persons. Their talents will be many and varied."

The pups make an adorable impression

And the new parol is already a big hit with the people they'll grow up to protect—the video posted on the NSW Police Facebook page received over 12k likes and over 1k comments.

One member of the public wrote:

"Beautiful Pawtrollers of the future."

Another posted:

"What gorgeous bunch of new recruits!!"

NSW Police introduces B litter puppies

Eight new recruits are ready to ‘paw-trol’ the community as the NSW Police Force welcomes its new police puppies. The newest canine members of the force – four males and four females – form the ‘B’ litter and were born on Saturday 9 May 2020. The boys have been named Bluey, Bonus, Bruno and Bane and the girls have been called Bailey, Bounty, Bindi and Bibi. The Dog Unit, formed in 1932, is the largest police dog unit in Australia with more than 100 police officers, nine civilian staff and more than 100 police dogs. The names for the puppies were chosen from within the Dog and Mounted Police Command as it is the first litter to be born since the unit merged with the Mounted Unit on Monday 24 February 2020.

Posted by NSW Police Force on Monday, July 20, 2020

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