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Dog walks 57 miles to her old house, 2 years after moving out with her family

labrador cross lying on porch dog-wow
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A four-year-old Labrador with a taste for adventure went for an incredible 57-mile walkies back to her former home two years after she and her family moved out!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/07/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

When Colton and Britney Michael came home to find a pooch lying on their front porch, it's fair to say that they were a little confused.

Where did that dog come from?

The dog seemed perfectly comfortable at their family home in the small town of Olath, Missouri, USA. In fact, the dog looked as if it owned the place, making Colton and Britney feel like guests in their own house!

The couple managed to coax the mystery pooch to a local vet. And that's when things started to make a bit more sense. 

The information on the dog's microchip said her name was Cleo. It also contained information about Cleo's owners, who had lived in the same house two years before Colton and Britney moved in.

It turned out that Cleo had gone missing about a week earlier and had headed straight back to her former abode.

Cleo's mega-walkies!

Nobody knows why Cleo decided to go on her adventure, which involved a 57-mile hike across neighbouring towns, woodlands, and even a river!

"It’s the most bizarre story," said Cleo’s owner, Drew, who is relieved to have his fur-baby back home. 

Drew is keeping a close eye on Cleo for now. After all, he doesn't want her going on any more surprise trips down memory lane!