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Clever pup delivers groceries to isolating neighbours

elderly chocolate lab standing next to basket dog-happy
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For those living alone and forced to shield, lockdown has been especially tough, but this super-smart pup in a town in Colombia is providing the best pick me up for local residents.

By Natasha James

Published on the 23/07/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

As social distancing becomes part of the new norm, elderly residents and those with underlying health conditions are encouraged to think of new ways of carrying out their usual tasks.

This pup is making life for one set of residents a whole lot easier.

A super-smart pup

Eros, an eight-year-old chocolate Labrador in the town of Medellín, Colombia is making shopping a breeze by learning the names and addresses of five residents and delivering their shopping every week.

While this is undoubtedly adorable, it’s also very useful as it means the vulnerable residents can safely shield from the people around them.

Using plenty of treats, his owners, who also own the village shop, have taught him where to go and what to do and Eros is only too happy to comply as he gets a treat on arrival.

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A well-deserved treat

The pup turns up on people’s doorsteps with a basket of food (also containing a receipt and payment details), waits for his treat and then happily makes his way back to the shop for his next delivery.

We’d imagine that for those who are self-isolating, having a dog deliver your shopping is a very welcome  silver lining to isolation.

Keep up the good work lovely Eros, you’re doing a great job.

Watch the video here: