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10 of the funniest cats you'll see today

kittens sleeping in beds next to each other cat-happy
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Having a tough day? You're not alone, so we think it’s about time you popped the kettle on, took a ten-minute break and perused the finest cat content from the net this week.

By Natasha James

Published on the 12/08/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Whether they’re being cute, funny, cheeky or sneaky, cats never fail to make us smile. Here are some of our faves from across the internet this week.

1.    This cat who just wants to explore for one second, honest

This hilarious kitty will only go outside for a minute and won’t chase any mice. Pawmise.


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2.    This mama and baby cat who just want to snuggle

Have you ever seen anything more precious? If we’re honest, we don’t think we have.

3.    This cat who’s learnt to cook

Some of us have taken up new hobbies or learnt new skills over lockdown. This cat learned how to cook chicken. Seems reasonable.


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4.    This chatty kitty who’s enjoying the fuss

She likes it and she’s not afraid to say so!

5.    This 1-year-old cat who loves cake

We all love birthday cake, including this adorable moggy.

6.    This cat who’s done so well at their lockdown diet

Would you look at that transformation - we're so impressed, we can't even bring ourselves to be envious!

7.   Spot the cat...

Shelving units make the perfect relaxing place for cats. It may take you some time to find them again though...

8.    This cat and their little human 

This kitty has a new best friend. Activities include snoozing, smiling and relaxing.


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9.    These kittens who’ve found the perfect spot to chill

Ah, the luxury of having your very own banana!


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10.    This cat who has a favourite parent and doesn’t care who knows it

Hard to guess which one...


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Ah, that's better, cats always manage to make us smile.