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Orlando Bloom pleads with fans to help him find his beloved dog Mighty

Orlando Bloom and his dog dog-sad
© Orlando Bloom - Instagram

Actor Orlando Bloom and his pop star fiancée Katy Perry are urging their online followers to help the couple find their missing pooch Mighty, even offering a reward.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 16/07/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

The heartbroken British actor posted his appeal to his 4.1 million Instagram followers in the hope to find his dog Mighty who went missing from the couple's home in Montecito, California.


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Missing Mighty

Orlando posted photos of his beloved red Poodle explaining that the pup is microchipped and his collar has a number that people can call if they find him. The actor urged anyone who finds the dog to take him to a local shelter, vet or police station where he can be traced back to the celebrity pair. Whoever is able to reunite the actor with his beloved pup will receive a reward.


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The actor posted that his heart is already broken so pleaded with his followers to only send genuine information about Mighty’s whereabouts.

Dog lovers

Orlando adopted little Mighty in 2017 and at the same time, Katy adopted an almost identical pup called Nugget.


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Last year, the actor shocked fans when he revealed that has the skeleton of his previous dog Sidi, a black Saluki mix, was displayed in his home.

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