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Amber Heard still smarting from dog smuggling fiasco

Amber Heard. Johnny Depp's ex-wife with Yorkshire Terrier dog-serious
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Ex-wife of actor Johnny Depp is still choking in the dust of a court summons for her smuggling dogs into Australia and disregarding numerous warnings from her entourage.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 17/07/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

A former employee of 57-year-old Mr Depp has this month told a court in London that Heard, then married to Depp, bade him to lie under oath at the case following her arraignment for the smuggling of two Yorkies into Australia four years ago. 

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In 2016 Heard pleaded guilty to making a false quarantine declaration. When Pistol and Boo showed up on the social media account of an Australian groomer, authorities moved in to remove the dogs from the country. 


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Heard and Depp left the country soon afterwards with Heard claiming she would never return. 

Ongoing battle 

Kevin Murphy, who worked for Depp for almost eight years; has since alleged that Heard inveigled him to make the false declaration on the couple's behalf, and that if he did not do so his job would be in jeopardy. According to Murphy, Heard later asked him to arrange for certain members of her team to lie under oath when questioned about the incident during the 2016 court case. 

Murphy refused to do so. The allegations form part of Depp’s libel case against News Group Newspapers.