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Kitty owners can soon find love thanks to new dating app for cat-people

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Cat people looking for their "purr-fect" life partner will soon get a helping paw thanks to a brand new dating app specially designed for feline-fellas and cat-ladies!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 17/07/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Tabby, a new dating app to help cat people connect, will be available to download from the 8th August.

Download "Tabby" on world cat day!

The launch will coincide with International Cat Day, a world-wide celebration of all things feline.

Sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson are the brains behind the app, and they've already received their first celebrity endorsement.

Actor Nathan Khen, who regularly updates his Instagram with hilarious cat-related posts, is convinced that the new app will help bring like-minded singletons together.

"Cat people are just as unique as the cats they love, but we understand each other," wrote Nathan in a recent press release. "Finding someone who loves cats the way that you do is vital."

You'll need a furry friend before you can download "Tabby." So here's everything you need to know about getting a cat!

And the upcoming release of "Tabby" is especially good news for feline-fellas struggling to land a date on traditional dating apps.


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New hope for feline-fellas

A recent study found that women tend to swipe left on men pictured with cats. In fact, 14% of the women survey said they would never date a man who owned a kitty!

The study showed that men holding cats were viewed as less masculine, more neurotic, and less dateable.

But don't get downhearted, guys! In a few weeks time, you'll be able to start searching for someone who appreciates you and your furry best friend