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Loose Women vegan dog debate infuriates viewers

collage of four women on Loose Women show dog-serious
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Lunchtime panel show, Loose Women is never afraid to tackle tough subject matters but the topic of plant-based dog diets has left many viewers enraged.

By Natasha James

Published on the 16/07/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Hot topics

If you’ve ever watched Loose Women then you’ll know that the panel show features four celeb women who debate the hot topics of the day. Yesterday’s topic came about thanks to Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

Self-declared vegan Hamilton has announced that he’s switched his English Bulldog, Roscoe, to a plant-based diet and has seen numerous benefits including softer fur and healed swollen paws.

Vegan dogs?

Presenter Andrea McLean announced that 35% of people would consider putting their dog on a vegan diet and opened up the debate to Brenda Edwards, Nadia Sawalha and Denise Welch who all agreed that dogs need meat in their diet to thrive.

Welch announced that a friend had put their dog on a vegan diet to help with their arthritis and so far at least, it seemed to be doing the trick.

The topic is one mired in controversy and a poll carried out on the show revealed that 80% of viewers thought feeding a dog an exclusively vegan diet was cruel.

The vet's view

Many experts feel strongly about the issue too. Here at Wamiz, we’re in total agreement with the British Veterinary Association who said in a statement,

"It's possible that a dog can go on a vegan diet. We wouldn't recommend it as pets need a nutritionally balanced diet and it's very important before anyone considers changing their diet to consult a specialist vet."

The important thing is to have you dog’s interests at heart so if a veterinarian expressly recommended a vegan diet for a specific health condition then it could be worth a shot. We’d still feel guilty depriving Fido of his bone though!

Watch the full debate here:

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