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Beer company comes up with an amazing new strategy to rehome abandoned dogs

Beer cans with dog photos on them dog-happy
© Motorworks Brewing - Facebook

An American brewing company is putting the faces of local shelter dogs on its beer cans to help these abandoned pooches find their perfect forever home!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 18/07/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

The team behind the Motorworks Brewing company in Bradington, USA, loves two things more than anything else in the world - brewing tasty beer and hanging out with happy pooches.

Beer and pooches. What else do you need?

So they decided to combine their passions by using beer cans to help former strays find what they all deserve - a forever home.

Now beer fans are buying special edition four-packs that have the face of a different shelter dog printed on each can, along with details on how to adopt.

And this amazing campaign is already paying off. In fact, two dogs from a local rescue shelter are now enjoying a new lease of life with loving families!

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Barry Elwonger is the director of sales and marketing for the Motorworks Brewing company.

"The response has been incredibly overwhelming," said Barry. "The community is just in love with the project, as are we. The outreach has been fantastic, which is the point of the project – to raise that awareness. We've been over the moon the last couple of days."

The next round is on us

All proceeds from the special edition beer cans are going to the Manatee Rescue Shelter to help even more dogs get a second chance at life.

So that just leaves us with one question: who's getting the next round of beers in?