Owners in hysterics when they realise how their Beagle makes his bed every night

Sleeping Beagle dog dog-happy
© Pixabay

Making sure your bed is always super comfortable is very important, especially for this Beagle who has perfected a special nightly routine to ensure his bed is pawfect.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 25/05/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 03/06/2021, 16:00

Most of us love nothing more than having a warm and comfortable bed that we can snuggle into. It might mean one or two plump pillows or perhaps some cosy blankets.

Leroy the Beagle, however, has taken this to a whole other level.

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Nightly ritual

Every evening before bedtime, Leroy has an adorable ritual of making up his bed which he doesn’t finish until he gets it just right.

In a video shared online, it’s clear to see that Leroy has turned bed-making into an art form and takes huge pride in building himself the perfect dog bed. As he struggles to pull, flip-over and roll the blanket, all with his mouth, he doesn’t seem happy with the outcome.

Night night Leroy

He seems to take a moment to think about it then goes back to rework his dog bed. This time he lifts the blanket with his head and moves the blanket around until he creates a cosy little nest for himself. He then snuggles down into his own comfort-fort.

According to his owners, Leroy does this every night before his bedtime. Watch Leroy create the perfect doggy bed: