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Shelter’s urgent appeal for help to save battered stray cat Busted Billy

Busted Billy the stray cat cat-sad
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Described as ‘battered and broken’ by the pet home who took him in, Billy the cat is in desperate need of specialist care to help repair his broken body.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 13/07/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Billy was believed to have spent several years all alone on the moors in Plymouth before being taken to Gables Dogs & Cats Home. He was in a terrible state when he arrived, emaciated and covered in fleas and his fur coat was greasy and matted.

Busted and broken

The poor feline had spent years fending for himself but thanks to the kindness of local residents who often gave him food, he was miraculously able to get by. However, his health had been severely neglected.

‘Busted Billy’, as he’s been nicknamed by Gables Staff, is believed to be 14 years old and after a veterinary examination, it was found that he had fractured canines, conjunctivitis, diabetes and muscle wastage, known as atrophy, which has left his entire body weak and lethargic.

Despite everything he’s been through, Billy hasn’t lost his zest for life and is a very affectionate and trusting feline.

Second chance for Billy

Staff at Gables are determined to help Billy get on the road to recovery, but they estimate that it will likely cost in the region of £1,000. To help Billy get back on his paws and eventually find a forever home to give him the love he deserves, Gables has created a special “Busted Billy’s Appeal” where people can contribute to help give Billy a second chance at life.

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