Dog abandonded for 'not being good' gets the happy ending he deserves

elderly black labrador tied to gate dog-happy
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For a happy ending, you need a sad beginning. So while hearts broke when we heard about this abandoned pup, we're happy to say that he's about to get what he truly deserves!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 10/07/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 02/07/2021, 09:42

Last week, rescuers from an animal shelter in Kent found an elderly black Labrador tied to a metal railing.

The story starts on a sad note

The poor pup had been dumped there by his owner with a note staying that he 'has not learnt to be good.' 

Like every other real dog lover, we were shocked that anyone could be so cruel and uncaring - not to mention irresponsible. After all, it's the owner's job to show their pooch how to be a good boy or girl!

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But there are plenty of good people who are always willing to give a dog a second chance, and we're delighted to say that this pooch is about to be rehomed.

The local council managed to locate some of the owner's estranged family members. They were extremely upset after learning about what had happened to the dog and immediately offered him a forever home.

Happy ever after in a forever home!

A spokesperson from the council said the pooch would be with his new family within a few days.

Every sad dog story deserves a happy ending. We're just glad this guy's happy ever after arrived so quickly!