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After seeing his owners go down the slide, this pup surprises everyone

golden retriever walking on red slide dog-wow
© lifewithbento - Instagram

A brave pup couldn't help joining in the fun after he saw his owner flying down a waterslide during a day at the beach. In fact, he loved it so much that he took a second turn!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 12/07/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Bento the Golden Retriever loves going to the beach with his humans.


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A beach day to remember

And during one memorable trip, Bento spotted something that looked super fun - a giant waterslide!

Most pups - as well as more than a few humans - would think twice before jumping onto such a big slide. But not Bento! He's super fun and super brave, although he did let his dog-dad go first -  just to make sure it was OK!

Bento flys again!

Bento loved it so much that he wanted to go again. And he wasn't going to wait around and ask for anyone's permission. Instead, Bento bolted to the top of the slide and flew down again. This time he followed his human sister into the sea!


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Bento's owner shared the clips via the dog's very own Instagram page, which has thousands of followers.

Loads of people left likes and comments, but it was Bento's dog dad who summed up the video best. He wrote:

"Anyone have any doubts about who had the most fun on vacation? "Bento liked it so much; he couldn't hold back!"