WATCH: Cathedral cat caught on camera drinking Dean’s milk during sermon

Dean of Canterbury and Tiger the cat cat-wow
© Canterbury Cathedral - Twitter

If you think Cathedral cats are purrfectly behaved then you may change your mind when you see what this mischievous feline does when they spot the Dean’s milk jug.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 09/07/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 02/07/2021, 09:54

Dr Robert Willis, the Dean of Canterbury, was recently delivering one of his online sermons, sitting in the grounds of the Cathedral by a table with a tea set laid out beside him. The Dean is joined by Tiger, one of the Cathedral’s four cats. Tiger sits quietly on a chair near the Dean and then he spots a jug of milk among the Dean’s tea set and decides to investigate.

Cat that got the cream

Tiger puts his front paws on the table and has a sniff of the jug, presumably realising that his face was too big to drink out of the jug. He then sits back on the chair to think about his next move, before jumping up onto the table. The cheeky cat shamelessly begins dunking his paw into the jug and licking the milk off it.

He carries on doing this for a few moments, while The Dean gives him a quick sideways look before continuing with his sermon. But then Dr Willis stops and turns to Tiger giving him a stroke before apologising to viewers, saying that he’s acquired a friend his morning.

Tiger isn’t the first cathedral cat to steal the limelight during one of the Dean’s sermons. Leo was recently caught on camera slipping beneath his robes and disappearing from view.

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