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Millionaire spends entire fortune on saving dogs from meat trade

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What lengths would you go to if you lost your beloved dog? This millionaire turned his entire life around when he suffered the heartbreak of losing his pup.

By Natasha James

Published on the 01/05/2021, 07:30

Chinese millionaire, Wang Yan, suffered the type of despair that pet owners desperately hope to avoid when his beloved dog escaped from his home and was nowhere to be found.

Yan searched high and low, putting his life on hold in a bid to find his beloved pooch.

A desperate quest

But as the days dragged on, it seemed less and less likely that his dog would show.

Eventually, getting desperate, Yan visited a slaughterhouse in case his dog had been picked up and taken there. What he saw left him horrified.

A generous act

It was then that he realised he had to do something. It may be too late for his own beloved dog but it wasn’t too late for the 2000+ dogs in the slaughterhouse.

Reports suggest that Yan paid $400,000 to buy the slaughterhouse and transform it instead into a rescue shelter.

Yan refused money from well-wishers and focused all of his efforts on getting the dogs rehomed. This incredibly generous animal lover has so far managed to rehome some 1,800 dogs and is working on the rest.

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Superheroes don't always wear capes

Sadly, reports show that Yan has lost his fortune and incurred serious financial hardship as a response to his incredibly generous act.

We hope that his rich life filled with dogs of all shapes and sizes is more than making up for any money lost.

Well done Yan, you’re a hero amongst dogs and dog lovers alike.