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Man rents billboard to wish dog a happy birthday

man holding poodle cross like a baby dog-happy
© maxxchewning - Instagram

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Extra treats? A new toy? A long walk on his favourite trail? Whatever you do, we’re betting you don’t go as far as this chap...

By Natasha James

Published on the 11/07/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

A doggy love story

Maxx Chewning loves his Poodle-cross dog, Dood. So much so that when it came to celebrating Dood’s first birthday, he went all out.

Rather than just taking Dood on an extra long walk or giving him extra snuggles, Maxx decided to rent a huge billboard to display a personal happy birthday message.

An extravagant surprise

Funny but necessary when Dood, presumably, can’t read? Well, no not really and even Maxx acknowledges that.

Bodybuilder, influencer and YouTuber Maxx says that Dood is his best friend and judging by Maxx's Instagram page, the pair are inseparable.

A jam-packed day

Dood’s birthday treats didn’t end there and Maxx caught the entire day on camera. The pair started by stopping at Starbucks for a puppaccino, naturally, and then went on to visit the billboard but as Dood didn’t seem especially interested, they carried on with their day.

A game of fetch and a custom-made birthday cake followed before Maxx tried again to interest Dood in the billboard. In the Youtube video he can be heard saying,

“Look at that, Dood! Everyone’s so happy to see your face up there.” 

We’re not entirely sure whether it was the *best* use of cash and think Dood may have preferred extra treats or balls but we're very much in support of how much this chap loves his dog.

Watch the funny video here:

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