Owner confronted after leaving dog in hot car; his response shocks the police

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The event took place a couple of weeks ago in Gerolzhofen, in the Schwinfurt region of Germany. Daytime temperatures there were reaching 27°C.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 09/07/2020, 14:00

A 74-year-old man decided to leave his dog in the car while he ran some errands at the market. It was only 9am, thank goodness, but the sun was shining directly on the vehicle.

Danger of death

Though the man thought to leave two windows slightly open to provide air, the temperature inside the car soon rose beyond a comfortable threshold. 

Passers-by soon noticed the dog panting heavily and even whining – they decided to contact the police for help.

Unaware and unapologetic

The police tried to keep the dog safe as they attempted to get in touch with his owner. When the owner finally returned to the vehicle, it was 11:15am. The dog had just spent 2 hours locked inside a car in 20+° heat – the poor pooch was lucky to be alive.

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The worst part though, is that the man didn’t understand what all the commotion was about. In fact, he was angry that he was being criticized and declared he would’ve been happy to continue his shopping for much longer had he not been interrupted. He is now facing charges of animal cruelty.

We’ll never say it enough: Dogs die in hot cars! If its hot and you have things to do, leave your dog at home!

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