Elderly dog dumped for not “being good”

old black labrador tied to fence dog-sad

Here at Wamiz, we believe that all dogs are good dogs, even when they’re chewing your shoes or barking at the postman. This sad tale shows that not everyone feels that way…

By Natasha James

Published on the 07/07/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 02/07/2021, 09:40

The longer you have a pup, the more you learn to love them, and the more loyal and dedicated the dog is to you. That’s what makes this sorry tale quite so upsetting.

A sad note

An elderly black dog has been abandoned at a kennel with a note that reads, “he has not learnt to be good”.

The note goes on to detail that the owner (who hadn’t had the dog chipped) had looked after the dog for ten years following his adoption from the very shelter that he was now dumped outside.

10 years is long enough to form a great bond you'd imagine, but the owner claims that the elderly pup has not learnt how to behave.

A call out for the dog's owner

The local council and stray dog shelter have requested that the owner get in touch to discuss their needs and the reason for the abandonment.

We can only imagine that the dog is feeling very confused about now and probably just wants to go home.

The local council have said that rehoming will only be considered as a final option and instead they’d like to make contact with the owner to see if there’s anything that they can do to help.

A doggy personality

However well behaved or well-trained dogs are, it’s likely that they’ll still have days where their cheeky personality comes out. We just hope that we can soon update you with a happy ending to this sad tale.

Good luck doggy!

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