Woman’s life takes unexpected turn after black cat starts showing up at her door

Ida Floreak is an artist living in New Orleans. And her world turned upside down a few weeks ago when a stray cat started showing up in front of her door.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 13/07/2020, 10:00

The cat was very shy at first, but she was hungry enough to approach Ida when she tried to feed her. Ida started calling her daily visitor “Salami”.

Little sausages on the way

Over time, Ida started noticing that her kitty friend was getting big – and not just because of the snacks she was getting. The stray was clearly pregnant with kittens!

But no matter how hard Ida tried to gain Salami’s trust in order to take her to the vet, the cat just wouldn’t let herself get caught.

The family you choose

Despite this, it seems that Salami trusted Ida enough to share her big day with her. When she was about to pop, she stood behind Ida’s front door, meowing loudly.

When Ida opened up, Salami stepped right in, made herself at home, and by the next morning, there were four more little cats in the house.

Ida spent lots of time during the coronavirus lockdown finding the perfect homes for the little cats she is affectionately calling “deli meats”. And Salami, of course, will be staying with her. What a beautiful ending for this lovely little family! 

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