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Shelter volunteer makes horrifying discovery before locking up for the night

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© La SPA - Refuge de Vaux le Pénil - Facebook

A heartless owner locked his dog in a cage and dumped it outside of a rescue centre. And if it wasn't for one volunteer, the poor pooch would have been left out in the cold!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 05/07/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

It's 8.30 pm at the SPA animal rescue centre in Vaux le Pénil, France, and everyone except one volunteer has left for the day.

A fortunate rescue

The unnamed volunteer puts on her coat and is about to head out the door when she decides to do one last walk around the shelter.

And it's lucky she did! Because when she got by the back door, she found an abandoned dog locked in a cage!


Bonsoir, Merci à vous chers propriétaires de nous avoir lâchement abandonné votre chien à 20h30 alors que le refuge était fermé. Heureusement pour votre chien une personne de la fourrière était encore présente pour récupérer le loulou et lui éviter une nuit seul dans le froid et surtout dans une cage avec une muselière . Nous vous rappelons que votre chien est identifié et que nous avons vos coordonnées. L'abandon d'un animal domestique, apprivoisé ou tenu en captivité est puni d'une peine allant jusqu'à 2 ans de prison et 30 000 € d'amende. Nous allons prendre soin de lui il sera mieux chez nous. Bonne soirée à tous

Posted by La SPA - Refuge de Vaux le Pénil on Friday, June 19, 2020

Someone had dumped it there before running off.

Our hero filmed the sad scene as potential evidence in any future animal cruelty case. She then carried the poor pooch inside and let him out of his steel cage.

Here's a pre-adoption guide to giving a rescue dog their forever home.

The dog is still in the care of the SPA and volunteers are hoping to identify its owner via a microchip.

The dog's owner is facing prison time

If located, they could face animal cruelty charges. The punishment includes up to 2 years in prison and a €30,000 fine.

We've said it before, some people just aren't good enough for dogs.