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Street dog collapses as she begs passer-by to rescue her

Dogs are loyal, loving creatures and they all deserve a safe, comfortable place to call home. Sadly, this street pup wasn’t one of the lucky ones and knew she needed help…

By Natasha James , 5 Jul 2020

Tania Cappelluti is one of the founders of the Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue in Costa Rica and has always been an animal lover, so when she spotted a seriously ill-looking stray, she knew she had to help.

A disappearing doggo

Unfortunately, things weren’t as straightforward as Tania hoped.

She jumped out of the car and made her way over to the dog but, presumably a little wary of humans, the dog scarpered and was nowhere to be found.

Tania couldn’t stop thinking about the pup and returned the next day, and the next, in a bid to try and find her.

A lucky find

Then, one boiling hot day, she struck gold.

She returned to the spot as usual and there, covered in ticks and fleas and seriously dehydrated, was the dog.

This time, far from being able to run away, the poor pup all but collapsed into her rescuer's arms.

She gladly accepted food and water and seemed to know that this was the end of her ordeal.

Time for fuss

Tania took the pup to the vets and set her up with a comfortable foster home where she was fed, watered and given lots of fuss!

Finally, the pup, now named Gaia, was transferred to her forever home where she’s happily being pampered and forgetting all about the difficult first few years of her life.

We wish Gaia a very long and happy life – she deserves it!


HIGH FIVES!!!!! Gaia with her new mom Johanna from France! <3

Posted by Charlie's Angels - Animal Rescue - Costa Rica on Tuesday, April 5, 2016
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