After years of neglect, this blind Persian is getting the love she deserves!

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A blind Persian kitty who lost both her eyes following years of neglect and abuse is now a social media sensation, and it's all thanks to one very special cat-mum!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 04/07/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 02/07/2021, 09:34

Moet the Persian cat was born in an unlicensed pet shop in Oman.

The worst start in life

Like the other cats under the 'care' of the pet-shop owner, Moet was left with left without food and water and spent most of her life trapped in a dirty cage.

Thankfully, a local animal charity rescued poor little Moet. But the years of neglect had taken their toll. Moet fell sicker and sicker and eventually went blind following a nasty eye infection


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Vets then had to remove Moet's eyes. She made a full recovery from the operation, but nobody thought Moet would ever find a forever home.

And then fate stepped in and lent a helping paw. Because as luck would have it, an amazing woman named Emily Shotter heard about Moet's tragic story.

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And after cutting through a lot of red-tape, Emily brought Moet over to the UK, where she's now living the perfect life with her cat-mum.


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Back in 2018, Emily began posting pictures of Moet's adorable face online. And it wasn't long before Moet gained thousands of admirers.

Every rescue cat deserves a better life

Moet's Instagram now has over 50K followers who can't get enough of their daily dose of cuteness!


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Emily also runs an online charity store. All profits go to a rescue charity in Oman that helps cats like Moet get the second chance they deserve.