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Watch: Adorable little Persian kitten just loves getting her belly tickled

White Persian kitten being tickled cat-happy
© Meimei's Persians - YouTube

When a cat owner starts tickling a fluffy white Persian kitten on its tummy, the little playful cat’s reactions will simply melt your heart.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 12/05/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:21

Sometimes there are special moments you share with your cat that you just have to catch on camera. Fortunately, the owner of a cute little fluffy Persian kitten was able to do just that.

The kitten is lying on its back on the woman’s lap and already looks to be in a playful mood. As the lady taps her fingers gently on the kitten’s tummy, the kitten puts its tiny paws on the woman’s fingers as if wanting to keep them there for more tickles. But as the woman lifts up her hands into the hair, the kitten copies the owner’s hands by raising its paws too.


As the woman’s hands go back to the kitten’s tummy, it starts again with the kitten pressing its paws on the woman’s fingers and then as the woman lifts her hands again, the kitten’s paws spring up again.

As the lady taps on the kitten’s tummy raising her fingers then putting them down again, the kitten does just the same, obviously keen to join in the fun.

Persian kitten video

The kitten's owner shared the clip online, commenting that the kitten only does this when they are in an especially relaxed and playful mood.

The clip has so far had 1,629,578 views on YouTube with viewers all in agreement that the video is the cutest thing to watch online!

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