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Watch: Magic kitty can seemingly transform herself into liquid

closed grey door cat-wow
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Cats are pretty determined creatures, so a closed door doesn’t always mean no entry. In fact, it apparently doesn’t mean a thing for this magical little kitty.

By Natasha James

Published on the 02/07/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

We’ve long said that cats are magical creatures. Whether it’s their ability to transform our mood or their strange feline powers that make it impossible for us to move once they've decided to sit on our lap (however late we're running or how much we need the loo)!

They have those enchanting eyes and that lustrous fur. They also have, it seems, the power to transform themselves from solid to liquid in order to get where they want to go.

No regular kitty...

This gorgeous little Turkish Angora kitty appears to have magical powers that go beyond the skills of an ordinary cat.

Mikko is a very pretty blue-eyed, white kitty who won’t let anything stand in her way, not even doors.

Can't go over it...

In the charming video, we see a closed door. So far so normal but then we get the sense that all is not as it seems. A tiny white paw pokes underneath the door, assessing the space available.

Evidently deciding she can’t go over it or through it, she decides under it is her best course of action and proceeds to turn her body into a liquid state in order to squeeze under the minuscule gap between the door and the floor.

All in her stride

Once safely through, little Mikko doesn’t even realise the magnificence of her physics-defying feat and simply shakes it off and continues on her way.

Watch the video now for proof at last that cats are magical creatures!

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