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Owner builds post-walkie shower in garage to wash off his poo-loving dogs

Brown dog sits in mini shower dog-happy
© Volganga - Facebook

A shower installation like none other is the brainchild of a man from Leeds. Paul Rymer has created a mini dog cleaning station for his poo-loving dogs.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 30/06/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

The cleaning station was installed by Mr Rymer in his garage at a cost of just £90. Rymer bought the tiles and fittings for the shower second-hand. 

The shower stands about one metre high and is decked out with white and grey tiles. A plaque on the shower reads: “Oscar and Kenny's dog wash station.”

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Poo-rolling dogs 

Rymer came up with the idea after constantly cleaning the house following walks with the dogs. Oscar and Kenny are especially fond of rolling in fox muck and other noxious substances. Before the shower was fitted, they would invariably bring the delights of Nature indoors. 

Rymer can now wash the dogs with ease before letting them run riot in the house. 

Why do dogs roll in poo? 

Rolling in poo is an age-old custom most commonly seen of wolves which cover themselves in the excrement of other animals in order to mask their scent. It is thought the domestic dog has inherited this habit!

But for most of us, that means our dogs traipse strong and offensive smells throughout our homes. Cue: Paul Rymer’s wonderful solution to the smelly dog