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Dog teaches human baby sister how to crawl and rewards her in the cutest way

baby crawling on floor towards black labrador dog-happy
© Swift Family - Youtube

A video shows the moment when a loving Labrador helped his human baby sister learn how to crawl. And if that's not cute enough, then what happened next will melt your heart!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 27/06/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

The short clip shows baby Harper's first attempts at crawling.

An adorable moment

The smiling tot shuffles along the floor while her best friend, Savannah the Labrador, looks on encouragingly.

Savannah seems to be saying, "Come on, little girl. You can do it!"

And so when Harper finally reaches her trusty companion, she gets the cutest of rewards.

The clip shows Savannah reaching out to her little human sister and planting the gentlest of kisses on her nose.

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Savannah and Harper's dad, Don Swift, shared the video on Youtube.

It now has over 23million views, as well as 32k likes!

One person commented:

"She was determined to crawl towards that dog. Too adorable."

Another wrote:

"That doggie kiss was him telling the baby "well done"!!!!!!!!!!!"

The start of a beautiful friendship

Mr. Swift added his own comments to the video. He said:

"Our little girl crawls for the first time on video, but what happened next melted our hearts! Labs are the best family dog ever!"

Labradors are well known for their affection towards children, and this video shows the beginning of another beautiful relationship between human and canine! Make sure to always supervise interactions, though!