June 26th: World Day Against Pet Abandonment

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Kick-started by the French group ‘Solidarité Animal’, the 3rd World Day Against Pet Abandonment is being celebrated today. And the 26th is not a random date.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 25/06/2021, 13:00

It corresponds with the last Saturday of the month, a day where thousands of people across Europe go on holiday.

Sometimes, they don’t bring their pets along.

France holds the record

Of all the European countries, our French neighbours are the worst when it comes to pet abandonment. 100,000 animals are abandoned a year; 60,000 of them during the summer months.

But they’re not the only ones to blame. Animals all over the world are often discarded when they are not seen as family members, and suddenly become an imposition. It is our responsibility to fight against this, especially as the end of lockdown has caused an increase in abandonment.

Improvements are being made

A website has been created in honour of World Day Against Pet Abandonment. On this website, you can sign a Responsible Pet Owner charter, forever promising to care for your pet. But it is also a place where French animal lovers can find out how they can support their local shelters, and help those in need.

This website is a start in the right direction. The French government is also discussing the implementation of a “pet permit” which would force future owners to pass a test before they are allowed to purchase or adopt an animal. The 'adopt don't shop' slogan is becoming increasingly popular, with people realising that adoption saves two lives: the adopted dog's, but also the new dog's, who will take his/her place in the shelter afterwards.

Famous supporters

Many French celebrities and brands such as Purina are in partnership with ‘Solidarité Animal’ in order to bring attention to their cause.

Let’s not forget that France is not the only place that abandons pets, though. We must make sure World Day Against Pet Abandonment is heard of all around the world. Together, we can fight better against animal cruelty!

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