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Little girl’s reaction to her new puppy is so precious

blonde girl carrying yorkshire terrier puppy dog-happy
© Jennifer Kvande - YouTube

Many of us will remember being a kid who desperately begged our parents for a puppy. This adorable video shows the best possible reaction to a little girl finally getting her wish.

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/06/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

By all accounts, Breanna Kvande is a great kid. Kind, loving and well-behaved, she’d been through a lot over the last few years.

Having lost family members and moving house multiple times due to her parents' work commitments, she could be forgiven for being a little difficult, but she’d always accepted things and tried to stay upbeat.

A very special surprise

When her parents realised they had to move again, they decided it was time for Breanna to have the special treat that she's always asked for - a new puppy all of her own.

The adorable video shows sweet Breanna waiting by the car while her dad tells her he’s bought her a gift.

Initially, he hands her a stuffed toy and Breanna looks delighted to receive the cuddly cat then he tells her he has another and hands over the tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

Tears of delight

Breanna’s face lights up as she takes the puppy and she immediately breaks down into uncontrollable tears of joy. She holds the tiny puppy to her chest and exclaims,

“My baby!”

Her mum has said that the two have been inseparable ever since and that Breanna is already a wonderful dog mummy.

Watch the video here and get ready to wipe away a tear or two.

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