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Tiny kitten found all alone by forest can't stop cuddling her rescuers

Rescued tortoiseshell kitten cat-happy
© Madame Tarte - Instagram

What should have been just a relaxing cycle ride turned into a rescue mission for one couple in France when they came across a tiny kitten all alone near a forest.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 29/06/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Céline and her husband Daniel were cycling together in central Brittany when they heard an unusual sound coming from the side of the road. They got off their bikes to have a look.

The couple expected to find an injured bird, but there was a very scared little tortoiseshell kitten all on its own. She was initially too frightened to get close, but eventually, the kitten went over to Céline wanting cuddles.

Rescue mission

Céline and Daniel wanted to get her back to their house. But it was a long cycle home and there wasn’t a safe way to transport the cat. They put the kitten in a safe hiding spot and quickly cycled home to get their car and grab a box. They then headed straight back. Worried the kitten may have wandered off, Céline was relieved when she returned and called to the kitten and she ran over and jumped into Céline’s arms.

Happy ever after

Céline and Daniel kept the kitten, now called Mini Kitty and she settled into their home very quickly. She has become good friends with the couple’s other cat and dog, she particularly enjoys cuddling up to her canine sibling at naptime.

It’s been a year since Céline and Daniel rescued Mini Kitty and while she’s not quite so mini anymore, she is certainly still very cuddly.

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