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Who is brave enough to challenge Pearl, the grumpy watermelon guard cat?

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If you want watermelons in a certain area of Thailand you need to negotiate with chief watermelon guard Pearl, and he takes his job very seriously.

There’s a new grumpy cat in town and his name is Pearl.

Watermelon supurrvisor

He’s a cat that means business, especially when it comes to watermelons. For the last six years, Pearl, a fluffy white feline, has been devoted to his job as watermelon guard, riding in the back of a truck while sitting on a little plastic children’s chair.

Anyone tries to snaffle away a watermelon without permission has Pearl to contend with and he’s one serious looking guard cat.

After photos of Pearl were shared online they quickly went viral, after all, people do seem to enjoy looking at photos of grumpy felines.

Soft side

But while Pearl may seem a cat not to be messed with, he is very loving to his humans who look after him. In fact, photos of Pearl show him to be a very relaxed cat when not working, lounging around with some fellow felines and enjoying cuddles with cat-loving humans – especially those in possession of kitty treats.

However, it’s the photos of Pearl hard at work that shows his serious ‘don’t mess with me or my watermelons’ side that has got everyone smiling.

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