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Kitten with adorable 'moustache' picks his new cat parents

brown cat with white moustache cat-wow
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Most people pick their cats. But occasionally, it's the kitty who chooses their human. And that's exactly what happened when this 'unique' looking cat met his new mum and dad!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 23/06/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Sabrine and her partner Romain decided it was time to get a cat. And when they arrived at the shelter, they couldn't wait to pick out the cutest little furball.

Sometimes it's the cat who decides!

But when a special looking kitten ran up to them, Sabrine and Romain realised that the final decision was in someone else's paws

Speaking to LoveMeow, Romain said:

"I played with him to make a connection, and he started purring and giving us cuddles."

We don't speak fluent cat, but it sounds like he was saying, "I've picked you. You're my humans now. So let's go home."

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And how could Sabrine and Romain say no? Because as well as having an adorable personality, this cat had one super-cute feature that makes everyone smile - a purr-fect 'moustache.'


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Gringo the kitten settled into his new home straight away, where he now keeps his cat-parents entertained with some hilarious antics.

"He has a habit of standing on his back paws like a meerkat, and can stand like that for a couple of minutes," said Romain.

A star is born!

And Gringo has still got a demanding side. Because when this guy wants something, he won't stop purring until he gets it!

And as for that adorable moustache? Well, it's turned Gringo into a bit of a celebrity. His Instagram page has over 70k followers!