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Kind-hearted pitbull adopts tiny orphaned squirrel and they become best friends

Pitbull and squirrel dog-wow
© belleandbev - Instagram

When Everly the pitbull went to the park, no one could have predicted that by the end of the trip she would have adopted a new little friend.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 19/06/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Everly, a pitbull from North Carolina, started life on a dogfighting farm before finding a loving home with her new owner Joy. Despite her tough start, Everly is a very social and affectionate pup, which she demonstrated on one special trip to the park.

Orphaned cub

Joy had taken Everly on a walk when they came across a tiny squirrel kit on its own. Everly couldn’t resist giving the squirrel a little curious sniff.

While Joy was pleased to see how well her dog had interacted with the little squirrel, she was worried that the squirrel didn’t seem to have a mother nearby. When the pair decided to leave the park, the little squirrel wanted to come too and followed them home.

Gentle giant

In the following days, Everly and the little squirrel were inseparable, doing everything together. Joy shared photos of the unlikely friendship on Instagram. On one post of Everly and the squirrel snoozing together, Joy wrote: “Forget social distancing...I’m all about social napping.”

It was as if Everly had instinctively taken on the role of mum to the little squirrel.

Back to the wild

But Joy never forgot that squirrels were wild animals and can carry diseases harmful to dogs. Joy took the squirrel to a wildlife centre where it will be looked after alongside other squirrels. When they are ready, they will be released into the forest together.

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