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Woman warns pet owners after her cat nearly dies from touching common houseplant

Cat owners need to undertand the dangers of houseplants cat-serious
© Lindsey Warnock - Facebook

A cat spent two days in hospital after coming into contact with a houseplant. Luckily the kitty survived; now her owner is warning others about these toxic houseplants.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 17/06/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Lindsey Warnock was working from home when her cat, Willow, popped into the office to say hello.

Curiosity (almost) kills the cat

After getting the strokes she came for, Willow decided to check out a bunch of Lillies near the window.

Lindsey didn't pay much attention to her cat's antics at first. But when Willow ended up covered in pollen, something clicked in Lindsey's mind.

"Something in my head told me to google it," wrote Lindsey. "[Then] I read: all parts of the lily are poisonous to cats. Even minor exposures can be fatal."

Lindsey sprung into action. She gave Willow a quick shower to wash away the pollen, then rushed her fur baby to a local animal hospital.

Willow went straight into intensive care, but things didn't look good.

Lilies aren't the only dangerous houseplant. Here are 10 plants that are poisonous for cats.

And then a miracle happened. Because two days later, Willow started to show signs of improvement. Even the staff couldn't believe it.

"In my experience, I've never seen a cat survive lily poisoning," said one of the vets.

Willow is now at home and back to her old self, and her cat-mum has made the house a flower-free zone.

Sharing this could save a cat's life

Lyndsey also posted the story on Facebook to tell others about the danger of Lilllies.

So share this news with all your friends and family. It could save a cat's life.