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Dog attacks burglars to protect 16-year-old owner, but suffers the consequences

wounded german shepherd in bandages dog-wow
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Dogs are known for their loyalty, devotion and bravery. This wonderful pooch proved just what a good boy he was when his owners suffered a brutal break in.

By Natasha James

Published on the 14/06/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

A terrifying sound

16-year-old Javierus was home with his beloved German Shepherd Rex when they heard the sounds of glass smashing and male voices downstairs.

Listening carefully, young Javierus knew immediately that the men were burglars and that there were many of them. He also knew that alerting them to his presence was unlikely to deter them.

Javierus made the smart choice to hide in a wardrobe and call for help. He attempted to encourage Rex to hide with him but Rex had other ideas.

A brave hound

Determined to protect his boy at all costs, Rex ran to the men, barking and snarling in an attempt to scare them away. Unfortunately for Rex, the men were not to be deterred and viciously attacked him.

Bruised and bloody, Rex returned to his boy and hid with him. But, when the burglars arrived into the room where the pair were hiding, Rex leapt from the wardrobe to attack the intruders and protect Javierus.

The burglars, tired of the ferocity of the dog, shot him no fewer than four times.

"The boys in blue"

Thankfully, it was at this time that the sirens of local police turned up and the men fled.

Upon arrival, the police found terrified Javierus and badly wounded Rex.

Rex was rushed into surgery and we’re absolutely delighted to report that he has since made a full recovery from his extensive injuries.

This plucky pooch was willing to give his last drop of blood to save his best pal and we bet his owners couldn’t be more thankful.

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