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Shelter workers shocked by owners' reason for abandoning their 14-year-old dog

Small white dog lies in a kennel dog-sad
© SPA de Haguenau - Facebook

Workers at the S.P.A. Haguenau rescue centre were dismayed by an elderly couple’s decision to abandon the family dog. In addition, their reason for doing so was flimsy.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 15/06/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

The 14 year old dog had belonged to the Bas-Rhin family for all of his life. He knew no different, and knew of no reason why he was no longer wanted.

He was brought to the shelter in Haguenau by a couple who claimed they were about to move from a house to an apartment and were worried the dog would be unhappy.

One of the managers at the shelter informed the couple that a dog of advanced years needed less exercise than a young dog, and that the move should not be too troublesome.

Changing stories

The couple then admitted they only had the dog because their child wanted it. But their child, now a full-grown adult, left home 10 years ago.

It transpired that the couple had initially begged a local vet to put down the dog but the vet had refused.

The shelter workers - furious at the poultry reasons for the abandonment - reluctantly took the sad little dog into their arms. Fortunately, he has already been adopted!