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Watch: Golden Retriever adopts 22-day-old bunnies

Watch: Golden Retriever adopts 22-day-old bunnies dog-wow
© This is Bailey - YouTube

Bailey the dog is a friendly boy. So much so that not only is he his human’s best pal but he’s also befriended a whole host of animals of all shapes and sizes.

By Natasha James

Published on the 10/06/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Bailey the Golden Retriever, like most dogs, has a lot of love to give and when these 22-day-old bunnies were missing their mama, young Bailey stepped up.

And, thankfully, the results have been captured in a heart-warming video.

Proud Mama

The adorable video shows young Bailey lying down contentedly while his new baby rabbit pals sniff and hop around him.

The video begins with just Bailey and as he lifts his paw, we see that one bunny has snuggled under his fur, then a second rabbit shows up and a third until eventually we realise that Bailey is now a proud Mama to no fewer than five baby bunnies!

An internet hit!

Unsurprisingly in a world that’s on the hunt for good news, the video has gone viral and has almost 8 million views. What’s more, Bailey’s YouTube channel currently has 111,000 subscribers and counting.

Delve a little deeper and we see Bailey meeting the bunnies at just two days old and then a later video showing the bunnies all grown up but just as happy to play with Bailey.

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A very good boy

His owner Taras told the Daily Star that the reason the rabbits love him so much is because he’s very kind and loves them very much.

We wish Bailey and his bunnies all the very best and hope they have long and happy lives together!