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World's tallest dog smashes another world record!

Freddy now has two world records dog-wow
© freddygreatdane - Instagram

The tallest pooch in the world has reached the heights of canine fame for a second time after the Guinness Book of Records named him the oldest of his breed!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/06/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Freddy the Great Dane was crowned the world's tallest living dog back in 2017. The super-sized pooch measures an incredible seven-foot when standing on his hind legs - that's three inches taller than an average professional basketball player!

Freddy breaks his second world record

But Freddy set another record last month after he turned eight years old, making him the world's oldest Great Dane.

Freddy's family threw a special birthday for the record-breaking pooch, complete with a cake made from all of his favourite treats, including kibble, jerky sticks, and minced beef!

Like many big dog breeds, Great Danes have a shorter life expectancy than small and medium-sized breeds. Some live to around 8-9 years old, while many don't make it past 6-7 years. 

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Claire Stoneman, Freddy's dog-mum, told the Mirror newspaper: 

"I'm lucky to still have [Freddy] at this age. He's extremely spoiled and can have whatever he wants these days!"

And although he's got a bit more grey hair these days, Freddy is in great shape for a dog of his age.

Could Freddy be in line for a 3rd record?

He certainly eats like a dog with a lot of life left in him. The cost of Freddy's monthly food bill comes to more than £500!

Surely that's got to be another kind of record?