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Wild dog follows marine 70 miles to show what a good boy he is

soldier carrying large brown dog like a baby dog-wow
© Tom Sullivan - YouTube

Nubs the dog is an intrepid boy. This wild pup was always meant to be a loving pet, he just had to go through more and travel further than most to get there.

By Natasha James

Published on the 09/06/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Major Brian Dennis was a US marine pilot when he first met Nubs, a wild dog that had been trained by the Iraqi army. Only Nubs was far more interested in playing with his new friend than working too hard.

A playful pup

When Major Dennis first met Nubs, the pup immediately jumped up, wagged his tail excitedly and rolled over for tummy rubs.

The playful nature was at odds with the appearance of the pooch who’d had his ears cuts off at the skull, a common surgery performed on fighting dogs in Iraq.

A tough life for wild dogs

Nubs was part of a pack of wild dogs who’d been trained to alert the Iraqi army if any strangers came near. These dogs typically have a very short expectancy, a fact that became all too clear to Major Dennis when Nubs showed up at the base with a huge, infected wound in his side.

Dennis bought the pooch back to base and treated his wounds. He expected the worst but Nubs defied expectations and made a full recovery.

The pair were the best of mates until Major Dennis was assigned to a new base 70 miles away. He bid a sad farewell to his pal and made his way to the next base.

The start of a long journey

But on arrival, he found that Nubs had other plans and had followed behind the convoy to somehow find their new base!

Major Dennis knew then that this dog was his companion for life and started the process of bringing Nubs back to the States to live with him.

And, we’re very happy to say, the pair are now living their happily ever after!

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