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Shar Pei’s alarming x-ray shocks owners and vets

brown shar pei with vet dog-wow
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In 20 years of practicing as a veterinarian, Dr Chris Rispoli said he’d never seen anything like Dovey’s case. And he surely won’t get another one like it again!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 21/02/2021, 07:30


Dovey the Shar Pei was brought to the Edmond vet clinic when her owners noticed that she was losing weight rapidly.

Not so soothing

When Dovey’s owners mentioned that some of their baby’s pacifiers had gone missing in the past few days, Dr. Rispoli immediately knew there could be a link with Dovey’s illness.

So he took Dovey in for an x-ray, and lo-and-behold, found that she had eaten several pacifiers.

Emergency operation

Dr. Rispoli had to perform surgery in order to remove the pacifiers from poor Dovey’s stomach. According to the x-ray, he was expecting to find around 9 or 10 pacifiers. But nothing could have prepared him for the amount he actually found: 21!

This unusual story comes with a very important message: don’t leave anything lying around in your house. Some dogs will eat literally anything! But all is well that ends well with Dovey. She has made a full recovery and is back to her normal self (pacifier eating habits not included).