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Only 10% of people can find the cat hiding in these plants!

kot_w_lisciach_sansewierii cat-wow

Animals are masters of camouflage! And if you’ve been following Wamiz for a while, then you’ll know we love a bit of a challenge! So today, try to find the cat hiding in the plants!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 07/06/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 15:51

Whether it’s a dog laying on a carpet, or a cat pretending to be a plush toy, finding animals hiding in plain sight is definitely something that we have to concentrate for!

Spot the cat in the plants

This grey cat is hiding among the Sansevieria in his garden. This might be one of the hardest puzzles we’ve ever had to solve! Can you spot him?

If you need a hint, the cat is on the left side of the photo!

Still not quite there yet? We’ll give you the answer! But don’t scroll down if you want to keep looking!

This cat must’ve been a leopard in his past life – he is almost invisible amongst the plants!

Find other hiding animals

If you want a few more challenges, why not try to find the cat hiding amongst the owls, or the dog laying in the kitchen? You can also check out the cat hiding amongst the city buildings or in a pile of leaves! Best of luck! We bet these puzzles will keep you busy for some time!

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