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You won’t believe what these naughty pets have been up to

You won’t believe what these naughty pets have been up to dog-cat-happy
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There are chilled out canines, funny felines, loyal pups and lazy kitties. But they all have one thing in common, the ability to be more than a little cheeky. 

By Natasha James

Published on the 31/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27


1. This pup who KNOWS these toys aren’t his


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This Cocker Spaniel pup has had the house rules carefully explained to him, “These are your toys and THESE are your human brother’s, okay?” But, this brazen pup prefers wrestling figures to squeaky balls so is getting involved anyway!

2. This cat who doesn’t even try to hide her destructive habits

This pretty kitty has decided that tearing up toilet roll is her new hobby and honestly, she doesn’t care who knows it.

3. These little ladies who are trying to blame the cat


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When left to their own devices, these cuties wreak havoc with the furniture and have the perfect excuse for when they’re caught red handed, “the cat did it!” We’re not buying it girls.

4. This cat who thinks you should have to wear a cone of shame too

So, you're making your cat wear a cone are you? Well, two can play that game human.

5. This pup who’s had enough of the attention we give to our plants

Feeding, watering AND pruning? Next, you’ll be taking that plant for a walk and calling it a good girl. This dog is not happy about the attention that the plants get and she’s decided to do something about it.

6. This kitty who has found a comfy spot and will be furious if you move

It’s time for this cat's nap, she’s found the right spot and she will NOT be happy if you disturb or move her for the next four hours, okay?

7. This pooch who definitely hasn’t run through the freshly cut grass

No idea where you got that idea from but this innocent doggo has been home all day thank you very much.

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